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What I offer and how I work


Jsi začátečník nebo ostřílený lezec a chceš pořádně zamakat na technice? Zkus se mnou individuální spolupráci v lezeckém tréninku.

What is our goal?

  • To maximise the efficiency of our climbing movement.
  • A better understanding of all movement and our musculoskeletal system.
  • The elimination of the potential causes of injuries.


Do you you like to share your interests and passion with others and prefer to train in a group? Come to my group climbing courses at SmíchOFF.

When do we train?

  • Monday and Friday from 18:00
  • Wednesdays from 07:30

What does the group climbing training look like?

  • We will use video to identify and analyze your biggest climbing movement issues.
  • You will be given indivdual exercises with which you can experience new elements of motion, first in a more comfortable setting, such as lying on your back.
  • Subsequently, we will then use these elements to practice climbing on easy boulders.
  • There are always a maximum of 4-6 climbers in a group.

Workshops & seminars

Do you need to supplement your theory with climbing practice? Go to my workshop or lecture. Feel free to go alone or with the whole team of competitors.

What are the topics?

  • How to optimise our training
  • Injury prevention
  • Maximizing the efficiency of our climbing movement

Courses for professionals

Are you a coach or physiotherapist yourself, and would you like to offer your clients something new? Try my coaching for professionals in the field.

How does the course work?

  • We work in a closed group every week for 2 hours from September to June

Arrange your own training

My aproach

The human body is designed to perform movements naturally, in a specific way. The more our movement patterns differ from the ideal, the lower our performance and the higher the probability of injury.

What are the goals of my approach?

  • Sensitive correction of wong movement patterns
  • Eliminate the real causes of repeated injuries
  • Injury Prevention & Performance Shift

Power is just hidden technique


My story

I have been climbing since 2009. In 2011 I started training others. First the children in Holešovice, then at BoulderBar and LokalBlok climbing centres. At the same time, I continued to train hard myself. Three years later, I obtained a coaching license B. and after completing the course, I only worked on my skills. The results came quickly, I got stronger, but I kept climbing the same way, and I also developed health problems with my back, shoulders and elbows soon afterwards.

As a result, I started attending various physio courses for coaches to find out what to do with it. During my search, my friend, also a B coach, and I started writing training plans for young competitors. They too grew stronger but also developed health problems. Finally, in 2016, my search took me to Dr. Čumpelík. Soon after the start of our cooperation, my health problems subsided. And not only that, my climbing also improved dramatically.

So, I asked Adam Ondra if he would also be interested in Dr. Čumpelík's methodology. Adam came for a session and was thrilled. He even managed to get rid of back pain after a few weeks of exercise and improved by 50-90% on campus training. Since 2016, I have been going to Mr. Čumpelík for consultations every week.


What do they say about me?

I will be happy for your opinion. Text me.

"Jakub has a new, but very meaningful, comprehensive approach to physiology of the human body and follow-up performance. In addition, he can explain everything perfectly and intelligibly, teach body perception and gradually re-establish movement patterns into new, healthier and more effective ways of moving."
"Since I began training with Kuba, I have yet to suffer a long term injury where as previously I get I was bouncing between peaks and troughs. At 46 being able to move injury free while improving my fitness and ability levels is great."
"Kuba has a great gift for understanding how to move correctly, (not only!) in climbing, but the main thing is his ability to clearly explain and pass on this information. Thanks to him, I believe that even after forty I can do even more than just improve my climbing."
"Thanks to Kuba, I believe that even in my mid-forties, I can not only develop and improve my climbing skills, but also correct my years of wrong movement patterns and eliminate my chronic pain. Training with him is also great fun and a constant source of inspiration."
"Kuba's training showed me a new perspective not only on climbing movement, but also on the overall perception of the body and working with it in everyday life, during which my shoulder does not have to hurt. In addition, I took a lot of great knowledge into my physiotherapist practice."


Climbing is a joy. And as a gift even bigger!. Choose a voucher that will sit your partner in a harness. I'll give it to you in person or send it by e-mail.


Do you want to know what the current courses and workshops are? Feel free to ask me by e-mail or in the contact form.




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